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Author(s): San Shi Liu Ji, Introduction and Commentary by Col Harjeet Singh
ISBN: 978-81-8274-743-2
Publication Year: 2014
Binding: HB
Pages: 72
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Strategic culture is an inherited body of political military concepts based on shared historical and social experience. Strategic culture may shape leaders’ interpretation of international events, thereby producing certain preference orders regarding how and under what circumstances military force should be used. May policy makers also appear to hold a set of images or perceptions about the behavior patterns of other states. The 36 Stratagems builds on the political lessons the underpin sound military strategy and reveal the depth of Chinese strategic culture. Its reading sheds light on the literature that forms the core of Chinese strategic tradition beyond The Art of War. It shows that Chinese political philosophy and strategic tradition- and the strategic culture to which it may give rise- is more subtle and balanced. It is useful document to understand Chinese military and political thinking.

ABOUT Author

Colonel Harjeet Singh took early retirement from the army in 1998 after a tenure as Instructor at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington (India). A prolific military writer and thinker, he has contributed articles regularly to several professional journals during his career. He is well known in military circles for his erudition and perspicacity of analysis. He holds a Masters degree in Defence Science and an M Phil in Strategic Studies from the University of Madras and has continued his interest in professional military matters after leaving the army. He edits of “South Asia Defence and Strategic Year Book”.