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Book title: The Way of the Prophet : A Selection of Hadith
Author(s): Abd Al-Ghaffar Hasan
ISBN: 9780860374336
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 272
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The Way of the Prophet features 393 traditions of the Prophet Muhammad and provides a commentary to elucidate their meanings. This comprehensive selection covers faith, worship, morality and character, ethics, society, low and politics in Islam, It was originally complied in 1956 by  Shaykh β€˜ Abd al-Ghaffar Hasan of Delhi at the request of Sayyid  A la’ I a Mawdudi and is based mainly on the Mishkat al- Masabih of Al-Khatib Al Tabizi and the Adab al- Mufrad of Iman  Bukhari . The original Arabic text of the traditions accompanies the English translation. This work provides a comprehensive and concise introduction to the teachings of the Prophet. 

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Shaykh β€˜ Abd al- Ghaffar Hasan  ( 1913/ 1330-2007) was a graduate of the famous Dar al- Hadith al- Rahmaniyyah in Delhi who dedicated nine decades to the propagation and  teaching of Islam. He taught the sciences of Ahadith at the University of Madinah between  1964-1979, and later served three terms on the Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan. 

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