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Author(s): Alok Bansal (Ed)
ISBN: 9789390095490
Publication Year: 2022
Binding: HB
Pages: 224
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The fall of Kabul to the Taliban is one of the most catastrophic events of the 21st Century. The images of people running to cling to the aircraft taking off from Kabul and falling to death showed their desperation to escape the draconian Taliban Rule. Undue haste exhibited by the United States, its legitimization of the Taliban, and the tactical alliances stitched with the Taliban by many others in the region led to the sudden collapse of the once brave Afghan Army. How the world abandoned Afghan citizens to medieval barbarians, especially the women and the minorities, to further their perceived geopolitical agendas should haunt the international community`s conscience for times to come.

The people of Afghanistan had hardly gotten over the repercussions of the Great Game that was once played in the region more than two centuries ago. They find themselves embroiled in another one. Various international actors are presently manoeuvring to bring Afghanistan under their sphere of influence, without any due consideration for the rights and freedom of the Afghan citizens. Furthermore, the linkages of the new masters of Afghanistan with global jihadi outfits hints towards the new Great Game that has commenced in the region, with multiple players, both state and non-state actors.

The book analyses the circumstances that enabled the Taliban to stage a comeback, the suffering of its people, the new Great Game being played in Afghanistan, its possible impact on the region and the global power dynamics. Authors from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan view these tragic stories. This book is a valuable asset for those who wish to gain insight and have a clear picture of the developments that have overwhelmed Afghanistan recently. 

ABOUT Author

Captain Alok Bansal is Director, India Foundation. He is also the Secretary General of Asian Eurasian Human Rights Forum. He was the founder Executive Director of the South Asian Institute for Strategic Affairs (SAISA) and a visiting professor at the Pakistan Studies Programme at Jamia Millia Islamia.  He has been the Executive Director of the National Maritime Foundation and has also worked with the IDSA, and CLAWS.
He served in the Indian Navy for 32 years, before seeking premature retirement. He participated in Operation Pawan in Sri Lanka and has commanded two warships.  He has recently co-edited a book titled UNCLOS: Solutions for Managing the Maritime Global Commons.  He has earlier authored two books titled Balochistan in Turmoil: Pakistan at Cross Roads and Gilgit-Baltistan and its Saga of Unending Human Rights Violations. He has co-authored a book titled Occupied Territories of Bharat and has co-edited South Asian security: 21st century discourses, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir: The Untold Story, Sri Lanka: Search for Peace and Geopolitics of Himalayan Region: Cultural, Political and Strategic Dimensions. He has also written numerous research papers and chapters in books, besides newspaper articles and web commentaries on contemporary subjects. 

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